"Contour Boxes celebrate our connection with landscapes. Many of us have a favourite part of the world, a landscape or place that has special meaning. A Contour Box captures this idea, creating a unique and very personal heirloom."


The Story

Contour Boxes evolved from a piece of work inspired by a design brief called 'Walking the way'. My interpretation came via my interest in landforms and geology and I decided to sculpt the South Downs Way (Sussex, England) - my local landscape - into a piece of furniture. And so the Sussex Chest was born - the first of several, each with a different flavour described by shape and timber choice.

Sussex chests can be commissioned directly.They can also be seen in galleries all over the country and for sale in Liberty, London.

It became apparent that people loved the idea of running their hands over a wooden 'landscape' and so I designed a smaller box which I call Landform Boxes. It was a natural progression then to the idea of accurately replicating real landscapes. 

The Box

Each Contour Box is a fascinating fusion of computer and craftsmanship. The base is made by hand and has wooden hinges to support the top. The top is carved by a CNC machine which is fed map data of the chosen location. The challenge, and what takes time, is understanding the area in question - its relief versus the area requested and framing the data so the landscape looks 'right'. An extremely engaging process which is steadily showing me the shape of the world!