Contour Boxes

Contour Boxes are about our connection with landscapes. We can all name our favourite part of the world, a landscape or place that has special meaning. A Contour Box captures this idea, creating a unique and very personal artwork.


How they came about

"Contour Boxes evolved from an art groups design brief - 'Walking the way'. Interpreting the 'Way' as our nearby 'South Downs Way' and with an interest in landforms and geology I decided to hand-sculpt my version of this landscape into a piece of furniture. The Sussex Chest was born - the first of several, each with a different 'topography' described by shape and timber choice." Sussex chests are made to commission and for sale through Patch Rogers, Petworth.

"It became apparent that people loved the idea of running their hands over a wooden 'landscape'. Not everyone has room for a blanket chest so I designed a smaller box which I call a Landform Box. It was a natural progression then to Contour Boxes and the idea of accurately replicating real landscapes."